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HORSEback RIDING IN THE TERRITORY OF THE wOLF AND WILD HORSES                                                          Click to small Video


For 1 to 5 riders at a time. In this way we provide an intimate, safe and well-managed riding holiday for you


Video presentation - 10 years of Horse Riding in Peneda Gerês National Park


Átomo - Luso-Arabian horse

Roussinante - Our fairytale horse

Country: Portugal 

Place: Peneda-Gerês National Park

Group Size: Maximum 5

Pace: All

Tack: English

Horses: Lusitano and Garrano breed

(Both are Portuguese breeds)

National Park Peneda-Gerês(PNPG)

The PNPG is about 70.000 hectares protected area positioned at the border of Portugal and Spain adjoining the park of Xurês of the neighbouring Spain

Located in a mountainous region with the altitude differing between 700 Mts and 1500 Mts.

It has varied habitats which includes dense oak forest and high granite mountain landscape

This national park is home to two most endangered species of mammals that’s the Iberian Wolf and the wild horses namely from the race called Garrana



The ride is been accompanied by Pedro and Anabela



  Horseback riding in the territory of the wolf and wild horses 

If you are looking for a different ride, in one of the most beautiful natural landscapes, the Geres, and the territory of a large predator, the mythical wolf, Ecotura as thinking of you!

We will make trips on horseback, one or more days in which we will cover the territory of the Wolf and observe the signs of their passage.

Let´s cross dense oak woods, go through groves of birch, natural shelter for roe deer and wild boar, through patches of chestnut and holly trees inhabited by squirrels, jays and orioles and rest along the cliffs which can be seen eagles and some rare species of crows.

Visit Fojos (ancient stone traps to catch the wolf, man-made in unusual places) and talk about the history and legends surrounding this species. And who knows, we may be treated to the sound of the most spectacular nature - the howl of the Wolf.


  Equestrian Vacations in the Territory of the Wolf and Wild Horses (8 or 5 days) 


A program of 8 days, 7 nights (Sunday to Sunday) so you can fully enjoy your vacation in nature, breathe fresh air and return energy to your body and soul in complete harmony with a preserved environment.

You love horses and nature? Ecotura has prepared equestrian holiday tours where you can ride our dream Lusitano horses while enjoying a vacation in the mountains. A vacation for those seeking to escape the routine, enjoy the calm, relax, contemplate the natural jewels of the last sanctuaries of the Iberian peninsula and absorb the experience of observing the landscape effortlessly thanks to the company of your horse.

Horse riding in Lusitano Horses through the mountains in the territory of the Wolf. Dips in natural pools of the Laboreiro river. Hot water thermal baths to relax. Hiking by ancient paths of great beauty and ecological value that will lead you to discover the little treasures of the Peneda mountain. Moonlight picnics and meals with local products.


For a good rest and maximum comfort this program includes a stay in a tourist house or country hotel.

The green gives health. Enjoy your vacation in the middle of an untouched nature where green is the protagonist.


8 days, 6 days of riding:


From, April to November


5 days, 3 days of riding:

The first 5 days of the 8 days tour

Prices 2016 per Person (Euro):

8 days - 1200 euros (Overnight with breakfast - 7 ; Lunch - 6 : Dinners - 2 ; Days of riding - 6)

5 days - 785 euros (Overnight with breakfast - 4 ; Lunch - 3 : Dinners - 1 ; Days of riding - 3)



  The Garrano and the Wolf (2 days) 

This activity lasts for two days, including the weekend, and is open to any adult or child over 12 years.
During the course we will cover natural areas and small villages made of stone houses and inhabited by shepherds transhumants. We will go through glacial valleys populated with rocks of strange shapes and cross under the old bridges which flow the clear waters of mountain rivers.

Prices 2016 per Person (Euro):

2 days - 195 euros (Overnight with breakfast - 1 ; lunch - 1: days of riding - 2)


  A Day in the Mountain (1 day) 

If you´re already an experienced rider, we will leave for the ride in the morning. The Castro Laboreiro plateau is our destiny. A natural area of a vast unique shared by wolfs and the pony. We pass herds of Garranos who live in freedom, we follow the traces left by wolves and learn how they live and how we can identify the signs of their presence. With the largest concentration of megalithic monuments in the Iberian Peninsula, the plateau de Castro Laboreiro will spice to our adventure with nature and history. Lunch will be in the form of picnic, provided by our logistics, and will consist of local products. This tour will be for you what ever is for us, wonderful.

Prices 2016 per Person (Euro):

1 day - 100 euros ( lunch - 1)


Ecotura - Horseback riding and Trekking in Wolf territory - Portugal